Help choosing my linux OS
I have always had a liking for Xubuntu.
Xubuntu has the simplicity of Ubuntu and the minimalistic XFCE desktop interface.

Sabayon linux or Gentoo FTW... Funtoo is ok too, if you're a n00b..
Old thread and I've assumed that you have already chosen your distro since.
But I had the same problem as you not too long ago when I decided to jump ship and move to Linux 100%, I personally started out with Arch Linux and I've gained alot of knowledge just by learning the OS itself and I find that Arch doesn't always hold my hand like something such as Ubuntu would do, you may see this as a bad thing though but in reality having a OS that is constantly holding your hand the whole way is going to stop you from learning on doing things yourself.
This is the main reason why I tell people to not choose something like Ubuntu unless they have no interest in learning computer science related topics or learning about computers in general.

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