Need advice for a home file server - $500 Budget
Hi there so as I've gotten more and more into computer security and development I've noticed my hard driving quickly filling with tons of uncompressed video content. This being said I would like to setup a home file server and will be setting aside a $500 budget to order the following:
  • A small rack (or similar container) (preferably it'll keep itself cool and fit under my bed or something where it's out of the way)
  • Server(s) (please keep power usage as low as possible)
  • Networking / Disks (high speed / high storage)
I'd like to hear from the Greysec Community what components you guys would recommend please keep in mind the lower the cost the more I can buy. I look forward to hearing from you guys Smile
Will it only be you using the file storage? How much data are we looking at processing? How large can it physically be, with what kind of dimensions?

For memory, you will probably want to look into using solid-state (SSD) storage or settle for nothing less than 7200 RPM hard drives if you care about speed. SSD trumps HDD, for sure.
For cooling, I doubt this will run too hot, so air fans are probably fine. But, if it is in a contained area where the air flow is not really a thing, you may want to look into liquid cooling options.

Additionally, someone on Twitter had suggested you consider pre-existing Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solutions online:


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