Post-quantum cryptography – dealing with the fallout of physics success [Whitepaper]
Today, I came across a whitepaper that discusses post-quantum cryptography. I read the introduction bits as well as the conclusion, and it seems like an interesting area. I have thought about and wondered where cryptography is going post-quantum computing era. It seems like we still do not know, but what we do know is this: modern cryptography is looking done for.


Table of cryptography security, post and pre-quantum computing:
[Image: GWVrgAF.png]

What are your thoughts on the modern state of cryptography and the quantum computing era approaching?
What do you think will happen to the IoT (in)security?
What kind of drastic attacks may happen post-quantum computing when cryptography is broken all over?

All of these are questions that I would love to hear responses to.
Phew.. quantum physics lol way beyond my level. I've studied it for a bit, but it's impossible to understand. If someone says they do, they're lying! Haha but yeah you're right, modern crypto is probably done for once someone starts building quantum computer to crack this. Worst part is that they NSA saves every encrypted data such as PGP, even if they can't crack it they are storing it for the future once this becomes possible. And say you've revealed some incriminating info 5 years ago at some forum... well in the not so distant the cops might get you for that.

I guess we have to start looking out for quantum proof ciphers. But of course from an opsec point of view it's probably best to keep communication minimal and essential for operations and not to include a bunch of non-trivial details because you're under encryption. Like the Grugq said: No logs, no crime.

But no idea how IoT security will look in the future, it's terrible as it is right now. I just hope they learn their lesson after mirai botnet and stop using telnet... lol.

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