What OS or Linux distro is everyone using around here?
(07-22-2018, 05:18 PM)system32 Wrote:
(07-22-2018, 09:57 AM)enmafia2 Wrote:
(07-21-2018, 10:56 PM)system32 Wrote: Just recently installed Stretch on a scrap laptop. Probably gonna install on my main laptop, still debating if I wanna install it on my gaming pc, when I have so many projects in visual studio. I'll probably hold off on that.

I love the Arc theme tho.
Using Whiskermenu and simple Chromium for my browser with a few privacy addons.

Looking good man...
But there is a visual studio in linux, you can use your projects there too Tongue
Wow I didn't know that, that's great.
Just installed Visual Studio code, a few extensions, and the .NET SDK.

Well, I’m not sure if all your extensions will work, but as you are running Debian 9, .net core will run for you Wink
I use Debian systems. I've tried most of them so far. From all the pentesting debian systems, I find parrotsec to be the better one. I find It's more stable and less buggy, which is the most important I think. I run it on a 128GB USB with persistence mode. Not had to many issues with it. Although I'm used to manually installing stuff anyway, it does have more tools than others. Apperance wise, it looks good, even a bit more visually eye-catching than backbox. Like backbox, it has the anonsurf feature, if you like running everything though a Tor proxy via a click of a button, these two might be worth considering.
Windows drives me nuts. I struggle to even find a use for it, apart from printing somthing. I really grudge buying a windows computer from outlets, as I'm paying for a system that I wont use. An improvement in life would be a pre-installed debian computer for a cheaper price.
Kali is the Linux OS I use the most but I have been impressed with Mint and would recommend that for general use. Ubuntu I have never liked as much.
Debian systems are what I use most. they're stable and can do pretty much everything any other system can do
I have tried a lot of OS like Kali , Parrotsec , and Arch too.
But at the end i have choose go on with Ubuntu.

Kali : was installed with a lot of pre-installed app non of my use
Parrotsec : Just to much fancy
Arch : really advance and good one but for me it was quite difficult to maintain it with regular update So i sifted to Ubuntu.
Now, i am really enjoying it and it's not that much of a matter that Which OS you have mostly it is about how good you are in using it.
I am using ParrotOS Sec for my laptop OS / with a few KVM's set up including Kali and others for a variety of duties. I kind of like having all the tools on Parrot and the Anon Surf & Macchanger set to load @ boot.
BlackArch in Qubes sometimes ParrotSec
ArchLinux with bspwm tiling window, wired af:p
Since years only Arch Hardened or Fedora. OpenBSD is much superior but too complicated for me.


2 VM

1 x Base VM (Clone this for a quick new setup.)
1 x VM Online (Only Browsers)
1 x minimalistic, secure, offline Host OS

No use to harm humans, animals. More interested in protecting people and machines. Create my VM s with:

(08-09-2017, 01:34 PM)Kontu Wrote: What OS or Linux distro is everyone using around here?
Personally a Arch user myself.

I use arch most of the time, also trying guix but i can live with any Linux distro its all the same in my head. All I use is the terminal.

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