What OS or Linux distro is everyone using around here?
Im using Arch with XFCE.I am a big fun of openbox but my work now it's more suitable with XFCE for fast access to folders/documents. For anyone who is thinking to change to arch can use this easy and simple installer https://alci.online/
I see noone using MX Linux as it's pretty much popular few months now * maybe more.
I use KUbuntu. I'm obviously a Linux junkie so don't mind me.

That said, I think people use all different things around here.
win10 with void running under wslSmile
i have arch installed for a dualboot but just thinking about setting up networking is giving me anxiety

maby another day ill be bothered to set it all up, but wsl meets my needs for now.
WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10, Win11, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Manjaro, Arch, MacOS (latest) and a lot more. I have two machines, my first machine dual boots to linux (varies on my mood) and windows. The second one is purely mac with a few virtual machines. I mostly use linux for server operations or participating in forums such as this. Smile

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