BackBox as everyday OS?
So I know of some people who use BackBox as their everyday OS, as well as for pentesting. I have some experience with linux, but not much. I have used ubuntu once or twice. BackBox has the tools I need pre installed, but I was wondering if it is practical to use it for an everyday OS?
I'm sure it's perfectly possible to use it as an everyday OS. As with all linux distros you can easily customize and change everything to your needs and desires Smile Backbox is especially easy for this since it's based on debian, which in itself has a wide community and support.

But you could also go the other way. Get yourself the tools from backbox or kali linux and install them on any vanilla ubuntu instance.

For example:
If it has the tools you need pre-installed, and you don't know how to use the operating system, then it's just another skiddie tool you're using to point and shoot.

Learn the OS, then add in the "tools". It'll make you a better hacker in the long run.
I'm using BB since version 4, not as primary OS, but it could be easily used like that: the distro is Ubuntu based, so basically Debian based, as Insider said and I can confirm that the community and the support are very active.
The only problem I faced with BB were with version 4.7, after the first update you weren't able to login with the main user for problems with permissions and graphical interface, and with version 5, problems with network cards that were working flawlessly on previous version, but overall is a good distro.
If you are not so familiar with Linux, MuddyBucket told you the right way to go, start to play with Linux installing it on a VM so you don't need to worry if something goes wrong , adding the tools you need, setting up everything to work as you expect, and so on..
And last but not least, start using terminal.