[Python] Multi data source, CVE parser.(BETA Release)
So if you've been paying attention to my Twitter you know i had this tool in the works. It's a vuln parser that attempts to use multiple data sources to get the most information out of any search query. The idea was good but i think the implementation could be somewhat improved. Anyway, i'd love to know what you think, i am always open to feedback. Below is a little information on how to use the tool and underneath that i have pasted the actual source code.

PyParser is a vulnerability parser that looks for CVE's from different sources. It employs the Shodan API, has the ability to retrieve and process data from CVE Mitre and comes with fucntionality to install and use Offensive Security's ExploitDB Searchsploit utility.

Start the program from the command line with `python cveparser.py`. Once the program has been started it will prompt for your Shodan.io API key. Once provided it will prompt to install Searchsploit, which is optional. After these operations a menu will be displayed the options for which are as follows.

1. Query Shodan          4. Logging
2. Query CVE Mitre       5. Quit
3. Invoke Searchsploit

Select a number to select a data source to use when searching for a particular vulnerability. The 'logging' option will save results of your search queries in the current working directory as an application log from PyParser.

This is a BETA release, as such there might be some bugs. If you happen to encounter a bug please feel free to open a ticket or submit a pull request

#!/usr/bin/env python2.7

import sys
import csv
import time
import shodan
import pickle
import os.path
import pycurl
import json

from blessings import Terminal

t = Terminal()
c = pycurl.Curl()

edb = False
logging = False

# Print logo
print t.cyan("""
oo.ooooo.  oooo    ooo oo.ooooo.   .oooo.   oooo d8b  .oooo.o  .ooooo.   oooo d8b
888' `88b  `88.  .8'   888' `88b `P  )88b  `888""8P d88(  "8 d88' `88b `888""8P
888   888   `88..8'    888   888  .oP"888   888     `"Y88b.  888ooo888  888
888   888    `888'     888   888 d8(  888   888     o.  )88b 888    .o  888
888bod8P'     .8'      888bod8P' `Y888""8o d888b    8""888P' `Y8bod8P' d888b
888       .o..P'       888                                            
o888o      `Y8P'       o888o                            
                    Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits

# We'll just go ahead and steal ExploitDB's hard work for this part (<3)
def s_sploit():
    print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Please provide a search query. Multiple terms are allowed in this module."
    query = raw_input("\n<" + t.cyan("SEARCHSPLOIT") + ">$ " )
        result = os.system("searchsploit -j " + query)
    except Exception as e:
        print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Critical. An error was raised while attempting to retrieve data."
        print e        
    if logging == True:
        with open('searchsploit.log', 'ab') as outfile:

# Function to install and configure ExploitDB's Searchsploit utility
def exploit_DB():
    global edb
    print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]To get additional comprehensive search results, installing ExploitDB's"
    print "[" + t.green("+") + "]'Searchsploit' utility is recommended. Functionality from which will be"
    print "[" + t.green("+") + "]integrated into PyParser-CVE."    
    print "\n[" + t.magenta("?") + "]Would you like PyParser to install this utility?"
    get_edb = raw_input("[Y]es/[N]o: ")
    if get_edb == 'y':
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Invoking git...\n"
            os.system("git clone https://github.com/offensive-security/exploit-database.git")
            os.system("cd exploit-database && abspath=$(pwd) && sudo ln -sf $abspath/searchsploit /usr/local/bin/searchsploit")
            os.system("chmod +x searchsploit")
        except Exception as e:
            print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Critical. An error was raised with the following message."
            print e
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Completed"
        edb = True
    elif get_edb == 'n':
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Not installing."
        edb = False
        print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Unhandled option"

# Shodan CVE look up
def shodan_q():
    global logging
    print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Please provide a search query. I.e 'cisco' will return all known vulns for that item"
    query = raw_input("\n<" + t.cyan("SHODAN") + ">$ " )
        api = shodan.Shodan(SHODAN_API_KEY)
        results = api.exploits.search(query, 5, 'author, platform, port, type')
    except Exception as e:
        print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Critical. An error was raised with the following error message"
        print e
    format = json.dumps(results, indent = 2)    
    print format
    if logging == True:
        with open('shodan_cve.log', 'ab') as outfile:
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Results have been saved to 'shodan_cve.log' in the current directory."

def cve_mitre():
    global logging
    if not os.path.isfile('cve_mitre.csv'):
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Fetching CVE Mitre data. This may take a while..."
            c.setopt(c.URL, "http://cve.mitre.org/data/downloads/allitems.csv")
            with open('cve_mitre.csv', 'wb') as outfile:
                c.setopt(c.WRITEFUNCTION, outfile.write)
        except Exception as e:
            print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Critical. An error was raised while attempting to retrieve data"
            print e
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Complete"
    print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Please provide a search query."
    query = raw_input("\n<" + t.cyan("MITRE") + ">$ " )
    with open('cve_mitre.csv', 'rb') as infile:
        csv_reader = csv.DictReader(infile)
        rows = [row for row in csv_reader]
        for row in rows:
            for col_name in row:
                if query in row[col_name]:
                    result = json.dumps(row)
                    print result
                if logging == True:
                    with open('cve_mitre.log', 'ab') as outfile:

def main():
        while True:
            print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Welcome to PyParser-CVE. Please select an action"
            print """

1. Query Shodan                4. Logging    
2. Query CVE Mitre            5. Quit
3. Invoke Searchsploit                    """
            action = raw_input("\n<" + t.cyan("PYPARSER") + ">$ ")
            if action == '1':
            elif action == '2':
            elif action == '3':
                if edb == False:
                    print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Warning! Searchsploit was not installed."
                    print "[" + t.green("?") + "]Would you like PyParser to automatically resolve this issue?\n"

                    get_edb = raw_input("[Y]es/[N]o: ")
                    if get_edb == 'y':
                    elif get_edb == 'n':
                        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Not resolving."
                        print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Unhandled option"
            elif action == '4':
                print "\n[" + t.magenta("?") + "]Enable logging?"
                query = raw_input("[Y]es/[N]o: ")
                if query == 'y':
                    logging = True
                elif query == 'n':
                    logging = False
                    print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Unhandled option"
            elif action == '5':
                print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Unhandled option"
    except KeyboardInterrupt:
        print "\n[" + t.red("!") + "]Critical. User aborted."

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Check to see if we have Shodan API key saved
    if not os.path.isfile('api.p'):
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Welcome to PyParser-CVE. Please provide your Shodan API Key"

        SHODAN_API_KEY = raw_input("API key: ")
        pickle.dump(SHODAN_API_KEY, open( "api.p", "wb" ))
        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Your API key has been saved to 'Shodan_API.p' in the current directory.\n"
        # Once we have the API key properly stored/loaded check for ExploitDB directory
        # if we can't find it we will assume Searchsploit has not been installed and prompt to resolve
        if not os.path.isdir('exploit-database'):
        SHODAN_API_KEY = pickle.load(open( "api.p", "rb" ))
        path = os.path.abspath("api.p")

        print "\n[" + t.green("+") + "]Your Shodan API key was successfully loaded from " + path
        if not os.path.isdir('exploit-database'):

Like i said, feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated. Also, besides here, you can find the lates version of the program at the projects Offcial Github Repository

Thanks guys!
By the way, for the latest updates to the project be sure to check out the official repo at Gitghub. That will always be the first place that has the latest source. For now i have updated the OP as well.

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