Spy the Lie_ How to spot deception the CIA way
I post today a book that I advise all to read even from the re-read it is a best seller for me
for more detail I advise you to go visit the author of the book

QVerity is a provider of behavioral analysis and screening services for private- and public-sector clients worldwide. Founded and staffed by former Central Intelligence Agency experts in deception detection and critical interviewing techniques, QVerity uses proven information-gathering methodologies, developed within the U.S. intelligence community, for commercial applications. Our services yield an exclusive level of analysis that enables competitive advantage and high-value insight for organizational and individual benefit. QVerity is privately held and is headquartered in Greenville, N.C.

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An improvement from your other dump & post threads. But you should really consider reviewing your thread before publication. No one will be able to read that grey text on this background.

I get that you're just leeching off other forums to post here. Nothing commendable or respectable if you ask me. But fine man, I'm cool if you're wanna share stuff here. But at least put in more effort.

For the record: As long as you're not leeching full tutorials with no credits, I'm fine with it.

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