Who was a previous member at HS?
I found this forum and sort of tripped when I saw some of the names here. I'm previous staff of HS and I see this website going about 100x further than Hack Society was.

I see some familiar users here. Who was actually a member at HS and is here to rejoin the family?
I was!
Back on HackSociety, I was SlyDesignsFX (and changed my name to SlyStudios a month before it went down).
I'm so glad we have another forum up now!
Which will definitely go MUCH further than HS with how it seems to be running now!
I'm from HS too, but had another nick over there.
I came in the few months before hs died, when you weren't there anymore I think
I was about 15 members on HS lol
I was NO-OP and H3R0. Member for a couple of months before we went down and before that I was on Hack Community before it was purchased and gutted for parts by SL.
I was on HS. I was StrykerStresser then Ping. Now Cryptography.
I was Carnis at HS, nice to see everyone here.
And I was of course Insider, if you didn't knew that. :p
I had another name on HS. I joined a few months before it went down. waaaaay after your time Tongue
(06-26-2015, 09:32 PM)LSD Wrote: I was Carnis at HS, nice to see everyone here.

Carnis I missed you pal! Good to see you again it's been a really long time.

As for the other names you guys mentioned I don't recognize probably 90% of them Tongue Mainly I'm familiar with Insider & LSD. I left HS a little while before it came down but I was a member around the beginning of it's time.

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