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|-[ SlyInDevelopment ]-|

"The 'Sly' Project"

"The 'Sly' Project" is a series developed by me, SlyStudios, here on GreySec.

"The 'Sly' Project" Features many items, including the following:
- SlyTuts: "Tutorials developed by me, normally shown at the beginning of the Thread Title."
- SlyInDevelopment: "Programs being developed by me at the moment, normally shown at the beginning of the Thread Title."
- SlyPrograms: "Programs developed by me, including the Download Link, normally shown at the beginning of the Thread Title."

Within: "The 'Sly' Project", I create multiple forums, using this Thread Title Template (so you know it's me):
At the beginning: -[SlyTuts/SlyInDevelopment/SlyPrograms]-
In the middle: -["TheCodeIt'sDevelopedIn"; Ex. VB, C#, C++, etc.]-
At the end: -["TheProgramName"; Ex. KeyLogger, Spammer, etc.]-

Here is how "The 'Sly' Project" functions; enjoy the Forum below.

Program Name: Lucid Management
Program Description:
Lucid Management gives any user a (soon to be) beautiful User Interface and User Experience for organizing, managing, and storing files, data, notes, reminders, and much more; as of now, it resides in the Alpha Version, without some functionality listed. (The Forum will be updated as the Program is updated).
Program Features:
- Take Notes + Save in Multiple File Types.
- Manage a Multitude of Files, Sort them, and set them in Folders within the application for easy access.
- Have notifications give you a reminder for tasks you set with a given time.
- More soon...
Program Version: Alpha Version - Ver. (1.0.0)
Program Developer: SlyStudios (me), on GreySec.

Example Imagery:
[Image: 92124d85a58bf0c4ca5f56e678233884.png]

Download Link & Virus Scan:

Download Link: Download: Lucid Management

Virus Scan: Virus Scan

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