Hello, I need some direction!
Hello, I like to say your forum looks to hold some interesting topics. 

Does anyone remember Jack Hartman's Universal game Editor (UGE) made for DOS? I was wondering how hard it would be to remake that editor for windows. what language could/should it be programmed in?

The program is basically a hex editor that displays the file in decimal instead of hex e.g. 255 instead of displaying FF.

I consider myself basically a beginner programmer in the following languages noob in x86 ASM but I can read the code. c, c++, java, and an intermediate programmer in Basic.

I searched the web to try to find some tutorial on how to program a hex editor but I seem only to find tutorials on how to use a hex editor.

any help, direction would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
Hello my friend, I don’t know if you are aware of github.com
That website it’s great as it has tones of open source code and software code in general.

I would like to give you a piece of advice for when you are searching for “tutorials”; instead of looking for tutorials of a whole project try breaking it into pieces, just like you would do with your code. More general questions are usually easier to find.

Back to github... you didn’t clearly state what programming language you wanted to use.
Here you have some pieces of software which can inspire you:
https://github.com/samizzo/hexed - cpp
https://github.com/EUA/wxHexEditor - c
https://github.com/Velocity-/Hexstar - Java

Good luck with your project  Wink
Thanks a lot, I will look into what you have given me.

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