Am I studying properly for CCENT?
So I made flash cards of everything I got wrong on the final for the course. The final is not the CCENT but if I pass the final then I will be ready to take it if I get 90% according to my networking instructor. Obviously I didn't do it by the individual question. I went into every subsection with stuff I got wrong in the entire course and flashcarded everything in there. I have been studying the sections that correspond to the questions I got wrong. I have been studying for a while. Three flashcard bolks plus some have been made and I was studying yesterday.

I can take the final six times total.
Nigga you learning all... no you aren't...
Focus, I think you're not sure of what you really want to learn.
That's the first step, even before getting certs.
Use the study guides on
Use the cheat sheets on
Use the actual study guide book
Watch relevant educational videos
Take notes on everything
Flash cards... maybe?
Practice tests?

It's only CCENT.
Reminder to ask question the smart way:

Threads and asking for advice is all good. But ditto ^ Cypher.

No one will take you seriously if you don't make up an effort to do proper research before resorting to asking questions. I'm sure you could have found those links by yourself on google.

But yeah, studying... Just study like you would do on any other course or school. Using proper studying methodology. I recommend this youtube channel for that Or just ask your teachers/career councillors/whatever for advice on the best way to study.
Sleepless nights in preparation, materials that need to at least to look through, so I wait for the Association in 2.5 months. To study, and make mistakes, next analyze
and solve them, this is one of the most effective ways to prepare for CCENT, at least my brother who has reached Architect told me so.

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