Backup software
Looking for good backup software for Linux. Currently, I am using rsync however I am willing to bet there is a better option.
What kind of stuff are you backing up? Just special files like databases or full drive? No idea if it is so much faster but a more secure rsync alternative could be duplicity which also handles encryption as far as I know.

A good local backup system could be to use RAID setups for your harddrive/partitions. Although you shouldn't only rely on it. Remote backups and regular offsite backups combined could be a good strategy.
We do schedule backups onto mirror drives. I just think there is a better way of going about it.
A few years ago I had to clone a lot of systems with Clonezilla.

I'd imagine it would also work as a solution for creating a backup image of your system, you can also use it to reload that image in the future. So, yeah, that sounds like a viable backup solution.


This video might help, but I didn't watch it:

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