I'm considering making a blog everyone!!!
So a member on here recommended I make a blog as a response to another thread:


I'm thinking of taking his advice and starting a twitter blog!!! It'll be fun!!!

I may also pick something else besides twitter. What should I name my blog everyone!? I may or may not pick from your answers but suggestions are welcome!! Thanks!!!

The subject of the blog is my journey into improving my hacking and computer skills. I am still learning the prerequisites but I thought I'd ask about a good title.

I think of names but everything I have come up with so far is crappy.
In my opinion a blog must be something with personality, we shouldn't tell you what to write.

I would just make sure that the name can describe you and that you will be happy with it for a long time.

Good luck with it!
Medium.com is good to host a blog on. It's what i use personally. Although i am not that active over there. make a Twitter account to promote your blog and interact with industry people. Your blog doesn't really need a name, you can simply title your posts like: My Journey Into Security: Part 1.

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