(06-09-2018, 09:41 PM)WhoIsJonny Wrote: Hello,
im new here, but i have a Usefull Information about When you have a Dual-Stack-Lite Internet Connection aka DSLite (which some Cable Internet Companys have, where you only have a deticaded IPv6 Adress and no Deticaded IPv4)you will sometimes run into trouble generating the Invite Code.
Even when you Generate the Code, it wont let you in sometimes (because the Code is bound to IPv4 and when you use DSLite, the IPv4 Adress of you is not constant). Needed almost a hour to figure that Problem out, only fix for me was to open a Hotspot via my Smartphone and generate the Code this Way.
Sadly Hackthebox cant really do something about this Issue said the Support.


That's actually really interesting and a flaw in their registration. Maybe they should generate the code based on something other than IP...
If you use Firefox Extended Support Release, you can't generate the invite code

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