So, a good friend of mine named dotcppfile has left and hasn't returned. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE CONTACT WITH HIM LET ME KNOW!

Twitter: @dotcppfile

Thank you,
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You mean this guy? I see him around on xmpp sometimes, but not often.
He's been gone for awhile now.

His post:

So much to do, so little time – to those who give a fuck.
People come and go but they’re all useful, that took me a while to realize, that I should always be thankful because knowledge is worth it and everyone has something to teach.

I thank everyone I met since dotcppfile showed up, usually my memory doesn’t fail me, so I truly mean it when I say all those I’ve discussed with, mentioned, talked to, worked with, fought, loved and even hated.

I’ll keep the promises I made, too bad I can’t talk to you all again individually because that would take a lot of time, something my brothers and I are running out of, no need to make assumptions or even worry because we stand strong and things can’t get any better, it’s simply time to go.

That’s enough,
Jeez, almost reads like a suicide note, lol. Perhaps he just decided to retire the dotcppfile pseudonym. I mean, who knows.