problem with installing gcc on CentOS
I'm in an operating systems class (where actually the IT students use the same textbook as comp sci), and as part of a homework assignment we have to install the CNU C-Compiler. I was unable to copy my code into a web browser, although I'm certain I would be able to do it if I installed a GUI, but the teach hasn't asked me to do that.

So, here's a screenshot:

[Image: nhD4ejH.png]

So I looked online and maybe I was mistyping the super long error several times but no one had the same issue I'm having.

I am still trying to fix it on my own, but at this point I thought a post would be appropriate at this point. Any thoughts as to why it would have errors trying to download those packages?


I fixed it by enabling dhcp. Nevermind.
(02-16-2018, 10:47 PM)fogbright Wrote: I fixed it by enabling dhcp. Nevermind.

Good job.

PROTIP: If you plan on asking us to do your homework for you in the future, try not to mention it's actually homework.

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