What are you currently listening to?
well this thread has been all over the net but probably people shared every song there in this thread i want you to share a song everytime you feel down

at the moment am listening to this
Don't sing. quite chill song tbh

EDIT: never watched the music video before. that got weird lol, enjoy
Listening to some neet cyberpunk!

Mostly listening to calm music atm, like this one

or this one

(07-05-2015, 03:09 PM)Sphinx Wrote: That song is so slow and depressing.

yep i actually like these kinds of songs i don't like the ones you shared too much noise for me Tongue

anw now while trying to sleep this is what i'm listening to

Im listening to Ludovico

In particular, i like Divenire


insider shown me this like a year ago since then i have listen to this on loop for a year now ;-;

One of my favorite songs, but also one of the more depressing. But you have to listen to it in a certain way...

1] dim all of your lights
2] sit alone at 3-5am
3] make sure it's dead quiet
4] play song
5] set up rope to hang yourself


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