I Hate Introduction Threads
...but I feel like it's necessary in this case Smile Normally when it comes to forums and whatnot I am the definition of "lurker", usually just reading posts and soaking up as much as I can without actually contributing. Of course usually I also don't care much for the community in question, but infosec is a different story. Just browsing Twitter and following people has shown me how tightly knitted this community is (at least those who are actually a part of it, and not trying to force themselves in) and I'd actually like to participate for once! So I figure the best way to start said participation is doing something I thought I never would: an introduction thread!

Of course I'm sure you can glean a little about me from that first paragraph (a listener not a talker) but that doesn't really do anything to explain my "hax0r skillz" So far I've started off with the usual (light programming and heavy networking, teaching myself to setup networks and all that) which eventually lead me here. I am very paranoid when it comes to, well.. everything (a sentiment I'm sure is shared by many here) so it took me a while to get up the courage to actually start learning! But I've never regretted that decision, and have since participated in my share of CTFs, have owned a few vulnhub vms, and rooted a few more hackthebox machines. After a bit I started to get bored with the "fake" hacking (this is also about the time I started to get an interest in webapps) and decided to branch out, which is when I learned about bug bounties. Currently I'm trying to train up and get the mettle to hash it out with the bigboiz for bounty hunting, but until I get to that point sadly I'm stuck with pro-bono (read unsolicited ;P) security research on random sites I find online. It's gone.... okay but I'm still getting the hang of it.

Long story short and tl;dr, I hope to become a valued member of this community at some point, but until then I guess I'll have to suffice with sucking the knowledge out of my betters first Smile If anyone has any suggestions on where I might go next or any resources I'm unaware of please share! I'm always looking to learn more, and I don't always know the best way to do that, so help is always nice!
A lot of good people joining lately! Smile I'm glad you found us, welcome to GreySec! Hope you find your time valuable here.

Same here, I'm always a lurker. At least for a few weeks or months before posting in most cases :p Not here though, on my (our) own forum haha. Happy to hear you want to start participating more too, look forward to our time together.

See you around!
Welcome aboard!

I joined a couple of days ago my self, but it sounds like you have the absolute right approach to building and contributing to a community Smile
Hey man! Welcome to the forums, I'm usually very talkative but this is sometimes not the best option.
I wish I had my mouth shut up sometimes haha even more when it comes to infosec.

I'm sure you will have fun around here and have a nice stay Smile
'Pro-bono security researcher' should be on every grey hat's business card.
Welcome to GreySec! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
Thanks so much for all the warm welcomes! I definitely get the feeling I'll like it here Smile

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