Why is GreySec being censored by the government?
I am hoping that by asking this, I am helping the community somehow as other people might be having a similar issue here on GreySec.

I'm asking this in the window of time where GreySec is working.

Here's my issue. One day I go to GreySec and it works perfectly. A day later I go and its 403 forbidden. Then the next day its available like nothing ever happened.

I tried changing my mac address, logging in from a personal hotspot instead of the school wifi, using a VPN, doing it on the school's wifi all over, and finally the first three things I just listed at once on top of fucking Tor. It still won't work.

Then 20 minutes later it works again perfectly.

Why is this happening? Its not like we encourage illegal hacking. Why are we being censored?

How do I get around this? Does anyone have a solution?Thanks.



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Why is GreySec being censored by the government? - by QMark - 03-13-2018, 11:41 PM

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