Why is GreySec being censored by the government?
Do not worry! There is no censorship, government or ddos attacks here.

In short terms:
GreySec was going to switch new frontend and dns networks. However due to a miscalculation. Those servers did not arrive in time, and thus: DNS and frontend went down. As the service did not get renewed in time.

This was out of my hand as I outsource the work on the frontend to trusted friends who help me with it.

As a result: GreySec forums and xmpp was unreachable for a day. I couldnt fix it at the time as I had to sleep, and the following day I had to take a trip by train.

Now that I'm home: I added a temprorary dns server under my control. Updated the domain and borrowed a temprorary frontend from Lunar over here Smile

So now you can access it!

We will be back to a better network soon enough. It's being contstructed as we speak.

The reason why you got error 403: I did not add Lunars frontend to my whitelist. The backend blocks all non-frontend servers from accessing it. Been fixed now.

The reason why you got an unsigned SSL error: I left my SSL certificate on my main pc. Right now I'm traveling with my laptop. So I had to generate a new one.

And now we're back!

It's very easy to jump to conclusion, I totally get you.

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