why don't internal networks work like this?
So remember those VMs I told you about earlier that I was supposed to hack? They used to work just fine. It used to be that I could do an nmap scan on every device the a /24 subnet of the Interface I was in and the other VM would show up.

But now I'm not even able to connect that other VM to my computer's internal network.


It makes no sense.

Even if I change the adapter and all that, none shows up in Kali, bridged or internal.

I obviously need an internal network.

What do I do?

The guy who gave me the VM is really urging me to hack it and really wants me to keep giving him feedback and I made a promise.

I will post a picture of my VMWare settings, or whatever is needed if necessary.
When faced with the internal network,

I was stuck a bit on micro-segmentation VMware NSX. And I, as you say, is not at all sure that this will work properly after all...

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