Funny Code Comments
The title kinda explains itself, figured it would be fun to have a thread to post funny comments you either wrote yourself or found in a repository (with a little bit of context to help). Got the idea after finding one myself and thought I should set this up in case others found comments they'd like to share as well. Anywho, here's what I found.

So I was manually scraping Github for Shodan API keys (and I'm glad I haven't set up a script for that yet otherwise I wouldn't have found this lol) and I noticed this comment in one of the repos I looked at.

# every time a developer publishes private api keys in a github repo, a kitten cries

That made me crack right the hell up, especially considering that's EXACTLY what I was looking for XD For the record though I didn't get any keys from their code, they just had a variable that made it turn up in my query.

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