HackThisSite's infosec things I need to know
lately i'm bad with titles..

I've started playing around with HackThisSite.. it's great because this way you can also know what you need to study instead of just wondering around..
learned a little about SSI, apache (which I didn't know about at all..) some html..
now I've noticed i'm missing something especially in the apache mission and basic 11
there was something about index.php.. (index.(something)) exist in any directory? because it is pretty common to see it there
now I've advanced to realistic missions and soon will try application missions.. and more.. and wanted to know where I can pre-study to what i'll encounter
especailly application security.. I have no idea what to do with application security.. how does it work.. 
would be really thankful to anyone who could give me some hints where can I look.. I happened to wonder a lot in google without much useful..
searching for apache I got just tutorial for people who want to setup a website.. and writing exploit gave me some gibbrish 

I believe @insider got some good sources and would really like checked a little in the the greysec's onion file stash.. there are two/three books I'll check for just in case
thanks in advance

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