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How do i hide text on this forum?
You can't. There's no need to hide text either. What would you want to share that is hidden from the usual lurker? If he/she wants to lurk it's fine by me and most likely anyone else. The moment there be become's way to many lurkers this might be useful. But no need for it right now
There's no [hide] tags at the moment on this forum, however we may implement a more private section in the future for members who contribute, through the activation of a second usergroup.

Edit: If you want something like this, consider making a thread in the suggestions and feedback forum.
information should be freely available to anyone who seeks it IMO the use of [hide] tags encourages people to register view the contents of the tags and leave, sure you end up with more users but a lot of inactive accounts
just like my friends already told you we have no hide tags here and to be honest i'm glad we don't have it

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