do you think that psychology studies on hackers are bad?
Ok, I think we all feel this way 100%.

I feel like many studies on hackers only sample members of Anonymous and use it to sample the majority of the hacker community except the majority of the hacker community: white hats, black hats, and grey hats, obviously aren't putting themselves up in masks on Twitter with obvious hacker handles which I know is not how most people who are hackers operate.

Obviously, on the purely black hat side of things there are people who openly call themselves that on Twitter like Weev, but if they aren't getting caught then they aren't doing that so then any study that only takes into account "anons" as they call themselves.

Do you think someone should recommend they do more studies at hacker conferences besides the percentage of hackers who are autistic?



I think the most important thing is that each person being studied gives informed individualized consent and remain in complete control.
That might be a solution. The idea of a hacker is slowly changing, but just slowly.
People are kind of scared when they don't understand, and if its their info what they risk they kind of get paranoid.

And I'm not only talking about random people, when approaching companies to show them bugs they usually aren't happy about it.
I think it's just about time, people are getting the idea that hackers are not only bad people.

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