Virtual Hacking Labs
The SEED Project is an awesome way to get some practical hands-on experience in a fairly wide range of hacking and security topics.

They provide a Virtual Disk based on Ubuntu 12.04 that contains all the necessary tools and whatnot to complete their labs.

I personally have 3 of their environments set up on a virtual network in VirtualBox, that I use for most of my "research". Some of the labs require only a single instance, some require 2 or 3. But thats up to you. I find running 3-4 VMs to be no issue with 8gb RAM but your mileage may vary based on your specs. But its Linux, resource requirements aren't that high...
Interesting share, thanks for letting us know. I'm going to give this a try Smile
(07-14-2015, 02:51 AM)Tesseract Wrote: Looks interesting but at the same time it seems outdated several years. Wish there was something more up to date, but it's a great share.


Most of the underlying technology hasn't changed significantly, and in fact may assist in understanding the current technology even more so. For example maybe it utilises a simplified buffer-overflow example - but it still gives you the opportunity to play and experiment with what you can do in a buffer overflow. Just because the site looks outdated does not mean that the content necessarily is. It's not like they're having you perform a Smurf attack to take down a host lol.

Theres even a lab based on the shell shock vuln discovered what, a year ago? less?
An oldie, but nonetheless a good one.

Nice contribution Indeed.
Wow it is a good post for beginners who wanna start some real hacking shitSmile

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