If you need a laugh
As many of you know I created whatwaf, that basically performs the same concept as sqlmap and wafw00f but by discovering bypasses as well. Sqlmap decided it would be a good idea to open an issue about “copyright” (because we all know opensource software can be copyrighted) So if you want to laugh for the day, and want to see stamparm lose his shit over small things (like always), go ahead and check it out: https://github.com/Ekultek/WhatWaf/issues/73

Yes I was pretty rude back, but you know #staysalty Wink
Haha gave me a good chuckle! I can respect people who speak their mind. Nice going there with the cactus.

I've dealt with similar people in the past on GreySec. Copyright tards you know. One guy was going to sue me and all of GreySec for sharing an imgur picture of his linkedin profile. Lol.
Lol some people man. I even offered to change the code so that it didnt look as similar to sqlmap, but I guess that just isn’t good enough.
People who make a fuzz about copyright and all that nonsense shouldn't be involved in the open source scene to begin with in my opinion. Crediting people for their work is important, if someone expands on something you created, using your code and some of their own in a creative way to improve upon the original work that is something that benefits everyone involved. I could understand someone being upset, if their code was used and they didn't get acknowledged for their original work. But going as far as to claim copyright on OSS projects is just petty in my opinion. And whether these people are talented developers or hackers, someone with that mindset is not deserving of the title "hacker" in my opinion.

The culture and knowledge base is built on people sharing their tools, techniques, procedures, ideas, thoughts and code and collaborating in an effort to hone our craft and to satisfy our curiosity. That in my opinion, is the hacker mindset and culture.

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