Newbie in hacking and programming field
Hey I m newbie in this field 

Actually i m in GSM field to crack/unlock the phone's security and network unlocking it with all legals.

Actually i m dealing specially with android devices. 

And at the time there is all method and solution of my field is encrypted amd protected. 

Example there is many shell script of android which is programmed in C language and almost all are encrypted and most of them have authorization process through online authorization of shell script with cryptography.

For those purpose i m now learning programming, debugging and ethical hacking. 

I m now a begginer in C language, C++ language, IDA pro.

I want to make arm libraries with c language to talk with hardware of android and i m so dumb and beginner anyone kindly please guide me for the steps I want to do to success in this field 

Sorry for the long post but if anyone want to ask more about my difficulties to help me so i m here 

Hi I don't have a great experience with phone programming/hacking, but I would love to help you.
If you have any questions or just want to talk, share knowledge. You can come by our IRC server.
You can get more information about how to connect here.
Cya there Big Grin
Hey welcome to the forums my man!
If you want to get into GSM legally... It's not impossible but I would say companies are not happy about people getting into their stuff. So the legal barrier is kind of blurry.

I don't actually understand what you are trying to tell with all those encryption things by the way.
If you are into C languages and IDA pro I would say that the transition to arm wouldn't be hard. I know the basics of arm, I can help you with that, but advanced topics are out of my scope.

As Doctor said if you get into the IRC and you see me online you can try to ask me about your arm project and I'll see what I can do to help ^^

Have fun around!

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