Verifying https proxies at high speed
Simple script, loading proxy ip:port from a file, and output the active proxies using multiple threads
script uses urllib2 requests

execute : python proxyfile

import os
import sys
import time
import urllib2
import thread

def checkproxy(proxyurl):
      timeout = 5
      check = ''
      proxyip= proxyurl
      proxy = urllib2.ProxyHandler({'https': proxyip})
      req = urllib2.build_opener(proxy)
      req.addheaders = [('User-Agent','Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0')]
      response =, timeout=timeout)
      myfile =
      if "google" in myfile:
         print proxyurl
      m = 0 # bogus variable

def readproxyfile(filename):
   f = open(filename, 'r')
   x =
   used = set(x)
   for all in used:
         time.sleep(0.01) # set the speed
         adding = 'https://'
         proxyurl = adding + all
         thread.start_new_thread(checkproxy, (proxyurl,) )
         print "thread errors"
   time.sleep(60) # wait for results

filename = sys.argv[1]

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