I need inspiration
(02-13-2021, 06:32 PM)pr0ph3t Wrote: Hey how's it going, I've been playing with HackRF one lately. Capture/replay of signals can be a very interesting endeavour.

Actually this is a very old post, anyway thanks for asking me.
Kinda busy with work right now, so I have a very little time to spend on my projects XD We're waiting for a less stressing period
(02-08-2021, 09:28 AM)chios Wrote: Just stumbled across this thread, mind to share what you ended up doing overfl0wN?
(09-18-2018, 08:31 PM)enmafia2 Wrote:
  • Car Bluetooth steal contact list
  • Metro card rfid check the security of it (for what I know they connect to a server so maybe intercept data?)
  • Spoof malware headers
  • arm rop exploitation
  • machine learning exploitation
  • blockchain security(?)
  • break some iot shit
  • fuck with people who say that their service is unlimited xd
  • embedded botnet
  • automatic analysis of play store malware
  • cold attack embedded system
  • kernel security, low level
  • netspectre
  • off grid isp
  • inject code inĀ 
  • wpa3 security
  • graph vulnerabilities
  • javascript surprise excel for my boss
  • password manager security
  • visual studio plugin elevate privileges
  • imsi catcher
  • handheld console vulnerabilities
Enjoy the darkest parts of my head lol
Thanks a lot for this list, many interesting ideas. If I ever find myself looking for something to do I will come back to this to get inspiration. Could you maybe tell me a little more about the off grid isp idea? I don't really understand what this would be, the only off grid internet access I can think of is satellite, but that's not really off grid either and probably far from what you had in mind.
@ the time I worked with bluetooth and car's Infotainment, I was trying to connect to a car system, where a device was already connected, with a different device and spoofed mac address.
It doesn't worked as, for every paired device, a different security code is created, and I were not able to recover it.
Ubertooth may have helped me out, I think, and maybe one day I'm going to buy it (actually I'm saying it since 2018 XD).
I ended up coding my personal jammer with bash scripting, and using a raspberry pi 3, I shared the code here on GS.

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