Which programming language is good for my need
Actually I m working on cell software repair. We deal with cellphone software repair and unlock it with adb or modem/serial port mostly phone have android OS and Qualcomm chipset but now at the time we have some limited tools/software and things to solve mainly issues in repairing or exploiting the software of smartphones many peoples do it with their programming knowledge some people's also make reverse engineering and crack the tools and binaries.
I am beginner in programming and reverse engineering field . There is many exe tools which deals with cellphone's comport , modemport, adb interface. And many precious arm binaries programmed in C/C++ language which execute in shell of android OS to crack or execute any unsecure script with phone and enable some engineering modes to write AT commands etc. All those binaries and exes are encrypted with authorization key to execute it.
In this field softwares built in VB, Delphi,QT,C++, etc languages. Arm base android shell buinary mostly with C language think so. Also want to Reverse engineering those things.
What is the best way to learn or can anyone help with right direction to achieve this goal.
I'm not really well versed into the subject of cellphone software. But as far as I know, a lot of code in Android is using Java. But yeah for more low level stuff; you're right. C is probably good to have for that. And in addition to that, for CPU level operations assembly would certainly be useful to know. Specifically for ARM, stuff like this I guess: https://azeria-labs.com/writing-arm-assembly-part-1/

C, Assembly and having a general understanding of hex codes. I think that's a pretty good base for you to learn reverse engineering on. We got a whole section for that with a lot of tutorials and threads: https://greysec.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=13
Yeah, I would also say to start with C if you want to get into reverse engineer, it will help you understand how memory works before getting into assembly where you need previous concepts you can get easier in a higher level language. As Insider also said they use ARM, however I would say that there aren't as much resources for ARM as there are for the x86 architecture, so I would suggest to try to find what you want in ARM and if you aren't able to find it try with the x86 and apply the concept to the other platform as they are very similar.

If you want to get into software development for mobiles or even reversing apks you will need a bit of java knowledge. I personally don't like Java but it is a powerful tool too, and not really hard if you're structured.

In a nut shell, start with C, if you want to go lower go for ARM, else go for Java.

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