how good is hacking dojo really?
I'm wondering this because I think they claim to have updated their material recently if you look at their twitter.

I'm wondering if hackingdojo is a rip off or if it does what it says it should do.

It's supposed to be essentially what it sounds like but I don't want to waste my money:

If you look at their courses, "education and certifications" is now on there along with other things in the "novice" course where they are supposed to teach the fundamentals before you can get into actual hacking.

There are belt tests and shit.

Is this worth money or no?

Here are some reviews:


But the reviews may be outdated.

What do you think?

Is any of this any good or should I stick with just Zaid's courses on Udemy anyways?



No. It's not worth the money. You know what's worth your time, though?


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