[08-04-2015] Help Documents changed
[08-04-2015] Help Documents changed
  • Grammar/Spelling mistakes fixed in help documents.
  • Rules made more detailed, in some cases more strict.

Notable rule changes:
  • Bumping your own thread for the sake of bumping/getting attention is no longer allowed. However there is exceptions, read the rules.
  • Previous section specific rules have been made global.

These help documents are not finished yet, I need to format it better for easier readability, and there's some stuff which might be added/removed/changed later. The documents have not been proofread yet.

Anyway feel free to check them out, there's not much difference from the older rules. My apologies for the horrible colors and had readability. These rules were made on a blank documents, I could not see how they matched greysecs colors until implemented them. It will be fixed soon.
A quick read through and I spotted some errors I'll go over it thoroughly tonight and correct anything I find. I'll PM you with the corrections. Looks a lot better than the old one though and quite detailed.

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