GreySec Communication Channels (IRC.. etc)
(05-14-2018, 12:59 PM)Anon MyouSa Wrote: Why don't you guys consider Telegram group chat? many hacking groups make use of it, you can also use it as browser chat and you can set admins  and bots for rules in the group. you can encrypt it and use socks5 proxies. if you set admins there the only ones who have acces to the inventation link, so you have more control on who you invite into your telegram group. think about it. maybe a topic to vote for? Greetings MyouSa

I could see this as an option, the only thing that bothers me is that Telegram needs a phone number to have an account which I don't see very convinient.
But if others agree with you I wouldn't mind.
Yes that is true but i use a phone which i can adapt two sim cards. then i verify my telegram messenger and take the simcard out. you can find groups and members by name you don't see their number then. only if you have them as phone contact installed with phone number together. an other option is. download an ap to create an disposable phone number and verify your telegram number to create an account and after that delete that number. and you are good to go once you have that account. the only thing is i am not sure if you need the phone number to acces telegram web just like whats app does.
Hello Do you guys have telegram group?
Please create one!!
Threema is a pretty good app regarding everything on this site. -->

Costs 3 bucks. Swiss jurisdiction and network infrastructure. When you sign up you need zero information... no phone number, email, etc. Encryption is Curve25519 256 / XSalsa20 256 / Poly1305-AES 128.

Not open source though, but audited. I would use XMPP for messaging to be safe for any grey activities, but I need VoIP over my phone, and I don't do anything illegal.
Thread updated with new IRC details.
Thread updated with Discord.
New IRC with Tor support coming soon too.

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