GreySec Communication Channels (IRC.. etc)
(08-09-2020, 09:59 PM)Insider Wrote:
(08-07-2020, 09:03 PM)nekrak Wrote: How is IRC progress going ? I know OFTC network allows Tor, Tor devs are there.

Sadly I see a lot of security groups moving to Discord, very bad app anonymity and privacy wise.

Hello Nekrak. Sorry about the delay with your post. Had no moderators online this weekend. But welcome to GreySec!

We only have a discord at the moment. But I've recently set up an IRC server for our Dev group on Tor. I'm going to do the same for GreySec soon and set up an official GreySec IRC server with both clearnet and darknet access. And I'll of course link the discord and the irc through a bridge-bot.

ETA on this willl around 25th of august the latest. Tight on money now and got some vaccation plans.
any update on that? if you need help or donations for server cost's let me know. i'd gladly foot the bill to not have to mess with discord.

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