[08-24-2015] Mail system working!
[08-24-2015] Mail system working!
I'm happy to announce that I've finally managed to set up a quick, functional yet secure mail system for greysec. It will not leak information about our servers. In the future I might also implement the possibility of your own @greysec email for members.

What this update means:
  • You will be able to recieve email notifications
  • You can send emails to members.
  • Newsletters can be sent.
  • Password recovery is not possible.
  • Email activation might become a thing.
  • Valid emails might become something you need in the future.

Shoutout to Senpai for teaching me one or two things about this.

Thank you for your attention, have a nice day.
After a brief period of email activation I've decided to disable it for quicker registration. Also tweaks has been made so registration will become faster.

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