[10-01-2015] Small Issues fixed
[10-01-2015] Small Issues fixed
You might have noticed for a brief period of time that certain functions involving quick ajax requests had been disabled on the forum. It was temprorary disabled due to security, but after closer inspection I've come to the conclusion that we are not affected by this security vulnerability. Thus this has been enabled.

The following function was broken, and hopefully now fixed:
* Quick Edit
* Recover Password
* Search by username (search.php)
* Other ajax requests.

Sorry for the inconvinience, I hope it works better now Smile


Other news:

Previously banned IPs from certain moderator functions has been released. We don't want to cause collelateral damage by blocking TOR/proxy/vpn. Reconsiderations has been made to these moderation tools and will hopefully be modified in the future to prevent this.

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