Exploit Tutorials
Exploit Tutorials
[Image: 9_JMP_ESP_place4Shellcode.png]

Table of Contents:
0x0 Exploit Tutorial: Buffer Overflow – Vanilla EIP Overwrite

0x1 Exploit Tutorial: XSS

0x2 Exploit Tutorial: Web Hacking with Burp Suite

0x3 Exploit Tutorial: Buffer Overflow – SEH Bypass

0x4 Exploit Tutorial: Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

0x5 Exploit Tutorial: Porting Your First Exploit to Metasploit

0x6 Exploit Tutorial: msfpayload and Backdooring EXEs

0x7 Exploit Tutorial: Bad Character Analysis

0x8 Exploit Tutorial: The Elusive Egghunter

0x9 Exploit Tutorial: Web Shells

Link: http://www.primalsecurity.net/tutorials/...tutorials/
I'm actually surprised there's no replies to this.

Some excellent tutorials, that are very well documented and Illustrated. Bookmarked each and every one.
Much appreciated, thanks.
No problem, thanks for the reply. Now when thinking about it, I should probably stick this thread :)
(10-31-2015, 05:47 AM)Insider Wrote: No problem, thanks for the reply. Now when thinking about it, I should probably stick this thread Smile

You're welcome.

I agree It's a good Idea to sticky It. Tutorials of this nature (documented, Illustrated and elaborated well) are somewhat hard to come by.
Thanks for the share man. Explains very simply.
Wow! Thanks for this. It is a gold mine
Surprisingly comprehendable, you've got some excellent material all over this site.
Thanks for this... Been needing to find more exploit material.
Wow, thanks a lot !
It's very nice to have explained tutorials like that, and to search other informations away, when you globaly understand the subject.
Some great stuff here, many thanks.

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