How do I Create a Computer Virus?
(01-26-2019, 08:42 PM)Cherry_Linux Wrote: Hi everyone, for some time I've been thinking of creating a computer virus, that would give me control over nearly any computer. I thought maybe assembly language or C++, may be good options for development.

Please tell me how I can create a virus like this, I'd really appreciate it.

- Legion (currently a hacker without a cyber army)

That's called a botnet, or maybe just a trojan with lots of zombies.
C++ I think would be the best option. Assembly is good for critical parts and such, but making the whole software is way too much.
However, doing something like this can really fuck up your life. Law is generally very strict for most countries.
Also, if you are asking this I suppose you don't know much about malware so it's like calling for trouble.
Anyways you do you.

Good luck

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