would you say this would be a good improvement on a study?
They did a study to see if hackers were autistic and got inconclusive results.

I think a better study would be whether or not hackers weren't neurotypical, or better if the less neurotypical hackers were more skilled.

Not being neurotypical doesn't just imply autism. It could mean a number of things.

Does anyone here agree?
I think knowledge of neurodiversity is becoming more prevalent in society, which of course includes the infosec industry.
What is the purpose of this study? Many hackers might be on the spectrum, as are many engineers, mathematicians, physicists and other highly skilled and intelligent people.
Quote:They did a study to see if hackers were autistic

Why would they assume this to begin with? I certainly don't suffer from autism.

The mind of a hacker significantly differs from one to another, Inclusive of their capacity to Identify and exploit vulnerabilities, hence the study should be based on general terms rather than targeting medical conditions.
I think "not neurotypical" is waaaaaay to wide of a study. And probably not all that conclusive. You'll have people on both sides of the coin.

But then you'll also need to define what a hacker is. I know "hackers" that can do literally no more than fire up sqlmap and run a few tools.

I also know hackers that are capable of things that most people cant even fathom. Hell im just a mediocre hacker at best if that puts things into perspective. Talking to some of the people i know i feel like a 1st year liberal arts student in comparison haha. So who would be in this study? All of us? Just the best of tne best?

Maybe you could do a study to figure out if the more skill you have the less neurotypical you are. I dont know if it will find anything... and it might be difficult to rank skill level to any fine degree. But thats the direction i would go if i had any interest in this topic.

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