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Hello if anyone is interested in getting keybase invites, let me know. I'm giving away invites to GreySec members. You can also find my keybase link in my signature, where you can stalk me with.

About keybase:
Quote: is a new service which is currently in beta and a different approach to how OpenPGP keys are verified. It basically shifts the responsibility of verification from the user of the public key to the owner of the private one. The problem with traditional key servers is that anyone could upload a key in my name to such a server, people would use it and send me encrypted messages I cannot decrypt. The sender who downloaded the fraud key from the key server had no way of knowing that it was not me who uploaded the key.

Keybase aims to address that to shift the responsibility of identity verification to the owner of the key by allowing/requiring the verification via multiple means (Twitter, Github, own domain via either a DNS entry or a file on the web server, and others). If a key is looked up on Keybase, the potential sender can see that via one or more verification methods, it is very likely they actually deal with the person they think they deal with. Especially when getting one's key signed via a signing party is difficult or impossible, this is a good alternative to verifying oneself.

Post or PM for Invite.
I'd like to have an Invite for Keybase, thanks! Smile
(01-09-2016, 08:08 AM)Crypto Wrote: I'd like to have an Invite for Keybase, thanks! Smile

PM me with your email and I'll be on it right away.
I messaged you but you haven't responded.