Hunting for mail account
Some days ago I received a mail from r0b3rt.p0ll4ck@..... claiming to be a horny woman that wants to fuck,blablabla, and a tons of other bullshit.
Nothing strange, I receive a lot of spam everyday, and the normal routine is to delete it massively, but not that day:
I want to know where my man r0b3rt has its address and password posted.

So first I did a Google research with his mail aaaand.... lucky me, there was only one result:

https://   l o l z t e a m   .   net   /   threads   /   6 3 7 6 6 6   /   page-4

Once opened the page , I found that's some kind of forum, but nothing comes out searching for the mail.
I also noticed that not all the messages were displayed in clear, but you had to be logged to read the full topic, so here comes the page's source code and >>BOOOOM<< here's the list where my good friend r0b3rt comes from.

A small list of 1092 mail and password, free and accessible to anyone.

The first question that comes in my mind was: "Will some of these credentials work again???"
Hard to say, because the post was dated back September 2018, but I wanted to try anyway.

I didn't want to insert every single credentials to check it, so I started to think about a way to get the work done:
python --> some smtp/pop/imap library --> list of mail servers --> someone should have done this before me --> other random thinking --> definitely someone should have done this before me

Yeah that's true, the winner was :


Very nice script, super fast and efficient, I took the mail list, converted in csv, removed useless field, converted in txt and passed to the script.

In about 2 minutes I found various combination of mail/pass still working:


Easy, flawless and funny.
It's cool and all but please delete my email from there...

jk, cool story my friend, it's always fun to mess with spammers/scammers Tongue
(03-13-2019, 08:07 PM)enmafia2 Wrote: It's cool and all but please delete my email from there...
Oh man, now that's all clear... That's why I was receiving all that sort of mail from your address Big Grin

Yes funny story, I like to explore the spammers/scammers world, and like this time you can even find something useful... hacked mail or domain..

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