how to study for network+?
So I have a combination of Network+ flashcards of things I got wrong on tests. I have my midterm study guide which has a large percentage of network+ material on it. I have even more Jason Dion practice tests.

I mean, I have a lot of material but how should I finish studying for the test on Monday? A lot of the material will be included in my networking/databases midterm.

But where do I go from there?

Should I resort to professor messer? I mean what do I do?

How would you study for the Network+ exam in a few days? I have spent months on the subject, but I have also might be a little dry on some of the material.

We had to study network+ material in class. I know I have a good amount of it. Should I just do Professor Messer and work on Practice Tests by Jason Dion and use my midterm study guide for the rest?

What would your approach be? It's a Net+ exam like three days after a networking midterm that has mostly network+ material on it with a little bit of DB mixed in.
1st establish what aspects youre a bit dry on. No point in trying to study all the material if you only need to learn parts of it.

I dont know what your course material contained, so i cant tell you if thats the best source of information. Or even if its all correct / accurate.

My approach would be to get a reputable study guide specifically for the test. It should have a good idea on what subjects are on the test. Then review the chapters youre unsure on. If you do have extra time maybe skim the rest of the chapters you are confident on to see if maybe something stands out.

But every one studies and learns differently. What works for me may not work for you. You should probably work on figuring out what study habits work best for you.

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