How do I fix this?
I have a dual boot Ubuntu-ParrotOS laptop. Here's the thing. Every time I start up the computer I get loud beeps. The power button appears broken. Its disrupting class. I think there is a hardware issue because obviously Parrot is already installed and Ubuntu doesn't come with loud beeps all of the time.

What would you do about this? Should I get a new laptop? Should I get it repaired? Is this a hardware issue? What is the problem with my device?

This is insane.

I'm using my Windows laptop right now. The sad part is I've had my Ubuntu machine for a few years and its not like its ever done this.
What's the beep sequence? Try to note how it sounds. Like two long, one short etc? You can google this and find the cause of the hardware problem. There's different error beeps depending on the problem.

If you have warranty on your computer, sure. Send it out to the workshop. But imo would look into the error beep and any solutions on your own first.

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