questions about best practices assignment
So, I have an assignment where I have to configure two VMs that are supposed to be clients with "best practices."

Since not everything in this article seems to apply to my VM clients, or at least I'm unsure, what from this Windows article should I include:

Also, for the Ubuntu client (because it has to be one Windows VM and one Ubuntu VM), I was not able to find relevant arguments on best practices for Ubuntu clients. I am able to install both Ubuntu and Windows VM, each on a corresponding virtual machine. I added a new user in default settings for both.

However, in the Ubuntu machine, I cannot find an article similar to the one above by Microsoft, that I can use as a guide for best pracices on an Ubuntu client.

Could someone please link me to one? Or does some degree of the Windows guide apply equally in Ubuntu if I do the corresponding configuration from Windows applied to Ubuntu?

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