[11-24-2015] Mail system finally working
[11-24-2015] Mail system finally working
* Email system on GreySec should now be fully functional. Including password recovery. It seems like I meerly overlooked a simple mistake.
* Site has been loading slow to some due to what I suspect to be Gzip conflicts between server and forum. I've tried to solve this and hopefully the solution is effective.

Other news
Greysec will soon have an xmpp server at @greysec.net powered by our friends at cryptoworld.is and xmpp.is we'll see how registration works. Either it's open or it's private for members/contributing members and/or donator. You're free to leave your thoughts on that.

We have also added another frontend node, this time in Chicago. This is a temprorary node until January 23rd. I am leasing the server for free during 60 days. So happy us! More servers..

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