Useful resources to become a better Java programmer
Useful resources to becoming a better Java developer

ok for real now finally rich goes hard af yeah???

this thread contains a list of resources I found useful when I was no-lifing with Java.

1: - Amazing site with ebooks not only for Java, but for numerous other programming languages
2. Clean Code - - Great ebook on writing clean code that has many of the examples written in Java, but can also apply to languages other than Java.
3. Beginning Java 8 Language Features - - Helpful ebook that helped me learn the new Java 8 features.
4. Java Virtual Machine Specification - - ok maybe this one doesn't really need to be here, but it's still an interesting read
5. Java Language Specification - - This one is most likely going to be more useful than the one above (#4). Has interesting pieces of information.

I have some more but I'm doing this off the top of my head so as I remember some of them I'll add them to this thread
Another useful resource is this Telegram channel:
For complete beginners i would say the youtube channel alex lee is pretty good.

Link to java basics1:

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