ATTN: GreySec Devs.
There's been minimal effort on the part of the GS Dev team to produce GS specific tooling. I sent out a call on twitter and here proposing a project we could all work on together.

I've personally chosen to lead by example and wrote about 250 lines for the WinRootHelper tool we have up on our organization. If being in GS Devs has no meaning to you other than being in some unique usergroup. I would like to remind you of the fact that i co-lead this usergroup with Insider. If you have nothing of value to contribute i will remove you from the usergroup.

Fair enough if you don't write PowerShell or some other language employed, but at least do something.

Your badge isn't a sticker or emblem saying how cool you are it's a commitment to develop GS specific tooling for the betterment of the entire community.

Participate or don't but if you choose the latter all your GS Dev privileges will be revoked.

This goes for forum privileges and organization membership, just to be clear.
Yes, I totally agree. I myself belong to this group and I am sorry about it.
I haven't contributed in a long time. Also, I even told you I would look into that specific project but for one reason or another I ended up forgetting it.

I will try my best to contribute and I hope others do to.
Just out of curiosity... has the group actually produced anything usable?
(05-01-2019, 12:55 PM)MuddyBucket Wrote: Just out of curiosity... has the group actually produced anything usable?

There's two scripts on the github organization page, a couple more if we count the forked ones. One is a port of my RootHelper tool to Windows in Powershell instead of Bash, nut it works on the same principle/. I purposefully posted the source code, knowing that it wasn't finished or debugged completely, in an effort to get the forum involved with the development process.

I could debug and finish it, but then i might as well call the organization "Vector's 2nd Github page". The other project is a simple greasemonkey script if i recall. And while I have nothing against simplicity, having a bunch of people in the group  when they hardly contribute anything at all, seems like a waste of time.

If it turns out that a lot of people want to contribute but don't know where to start i myself would be more than happy to offer some advice and tips.

The long and short of it is, that we have 1 tool that needs to be polished, and one that isn't really security oriented.

Oh and the two projects that are there are made by me and another person.

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