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For some time now I have wondered whether there are others out there across the world that do what I do, although what I do I have yet to turn into a profession. But i'm pretty sure there are those out there somewhere that do. So I thought Id start a thread to find out others experiences as well as to document my own.
So lets start with that...

lets go back 20 years shall we?

All the way back to the late 90s. I was young and very carefree. But quickly I begun to learn about computers and the internet, especially hacking. I did see however that computers were far mord sophisticated than humans in terms of their computational processing power and that there would be those in the world who would learn to master it. My brother was on of those people. Me on the other hand, I was naff.

But I was however quite naturally gifted at something else, I spent a lot of time observing the world around me as well as developing an inner world in my head. This anyone can do, however its what you do with that which makes all the difference. My sense of identity took many years to forge, but I also learned you can forge other identities or 'personas' too. Of course to some extent the core of who you are remains more or less the same. Its how you present to others and the world around you that counts.

But theres many more skills to what I like to call 'Analogue' hacking, more of which I will repost under new threads. But for now what you are about to read is a brief overview of what lead me into this, for me. It was trauma.

When youve lived with kids in secure units, been subjected to extreme bullying, tied up and tortured and then set on fire. Ive lived through many of these horrors rather than just a few seperate incidents. Some of these were done not just by kids of my age, but also my father. The latter is what will be discussed now.

My father was an X millitary serviceman, a corpral in the Black Watch socctish regiment. When he left the army in 1987 he became a notorious cocane dealer based in Brighton. Not a pleasent man and an extremely dangerous one. Not just because of his physical strength but also his mind. He was incredibly good at controlling human behaviour, commanding respect and getting the results he wanted.

His was also very charming and charasmatic to the people he met who were new, but once you get to know him. Truly know him, a darker side emerges. Ive never stayed with my father long enough to say goodbye, because he was too intense and also physically violent to be around. Out of all of the bad people ive encountered my father is by far the most scary.

As much of an asshole he was, I did learn things from him and also what things not to learn. See my fathers way of manipulation was by sheere brute force. Much like the way you see gang bosses behave in the movies. My fathers only two modus operandis were to impress or scare people, these are the two things I didnt take from him.

Im lucky in the sense that I dont wish to be anything like my Dad. But getting away from his abuse was nearly impossible. Because back in the 90s there was no such thing as the harrasment act, passed only in 2007. Changing my name, place I lived, social circle or anything didnt. I knew I needed to go one step further and change my appearence, permanantly.

This may sound extreme, but my dad was well connected and highly resourceful. Both doing his own work with xservice personel to track me down and setting up traps for me when I was setting up somewhere else. Because he wasnt directly threataning to do anything the police where powerless to stop him.

I used to read a lot when I had time, one story was similar to this one and the idea I was dreaming up. See I knew my grandparents on my mothers side lived in our town, haddnt seen them in a few years since my father had custody. But I knew if they took me in we could move. Simply put as I knew that hed make moves to try and get a hold of me.

Well that did happen and my Grandparents after winning custody of my and my brother, moved 120 miles up north. But I knew this wouldnt be enough, the plan was to go into care by any means nessicery. Then after being bounced from home to home (which I was) to change my name and my gender through sex reassignment surgery.

By this point the year is 2007 and with all the years evidence I had gathered about my fathers activities. He was convicted in 2008 and sentanced to 2 years behind bars, for me this was enough time. Before the sex change came about, I needed to make my dad be convinced that I was dead. Of course the authorities could not help with that. And of course he could find out if I was alive in the Uk. But a story of me emigrating to another country and dying a couple of years later was the perfeft recipie!

Conviniently I was hired to do a job for a site on the deep web hanging signs in shop windows over in South Africa and I knew if my dad wanted me followed that for this hed have very limited rescourses. If at all. It was a longshot but at least I had my own job to do whilst out there even if no one else showed up.

To my astonishment I began to notice a white sedan following my car as I drove to the first checkpoint, then the 2nd and 3rd. It was clear tp me at this point that despite him being in jail, my father knew no limits. And I begginning to wonder whether or not this person was out just to follow me. But I knew I had to report this to my mentor.

Because the job involved some store owners with ties to major drug markets, I could not have any 3rd party distractions. Needless to say that would not be good! I telephoned my mentor and explained what had been going on, he said to keep driving and continue with the task at hand.

I managed to complete these jobs and but I had to make sure I appeared to be nothing more than a torist. On the way back to the airport however my car was run off the road and straight into a tree. before I knew it, I was in hospital. However it was not the perwon following me who did this, but my employers.

Now when I got back to the uk after completing the job, I got an angry email from my boss stating had I not disclosed this before then I wouldnt be gettig let go, but they did father will stop looking now. They sent me to a news website for south africa, reports of missing man. They had...using some dockings from my pay, to bribe a newspaper.

I knew that my dad may have hired this man, and would be wanting to find out from him whether or not he did see me and what I was doing. So, using previous connections I had made out there. I enquired about the mans identity. Knowing my dad could not suspect anything being wrong other than my death. Rather kindly though, I was given compensation for my injuries, all of which I used to buy a death cirtificate.

When I got back to the Uk I tracked this PI hed had hired, placed a tap on his mobile and listened intl his calls. He had indeed enquired about whether I had survived, because of the money it took, luckily it was enough to make the operation a sucess. He obtained a copy and also had videod on his dashcam the crash itself, pressumably to my father I was now dead because officially I was a citizen of south africa, believed fully that is where I had died.

How do I know this?

Because my Grandad who helped to cover this up and after all my family had suffered through had no isses going along with this. I know to some what I did may be viewed as cruel and harsh, to others this story will be hard to buy. But the point of this post is not only to set up the foreground for future posts, but to also talk about how I became adept in a type of skillset that allows you to hack the world around you.

I know this post hasnt gone into very great detail, partly because how I got into this needed explaining first. One thing I must state is this, being trans wasnt some tool I picked willy nilly, the truth is I am actually transgender and have a medical diagnosis for gender dysphoria. So for me this was just an extra plus!

Thankyou for reading and I look foreward to the next post!
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